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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 13, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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10. >>i feel like is not as safe as. and maybe you should be for me to take every day. >>now at hand security concerns continue among mark passengers after a man was attack on a train by a stranger with a chain. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pam moore, i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight this attack happened on a daily city-bound train tuesday night near the lake merritt station in oakland and tonight that suspect is in
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custody. kron four's dan thorn spoke with bart riders about the attack is now live in our newsroom with more on this crime down. >>well justin and pam bart police say this attack was unprovoked and the victim had to be taken to hospital. the unidentified suspect was arrested by chp oakland tonight but some riders say this crime is why there needs to be more safety on the trains. police say they've arrested this man who's accused of attacking someone on a train with a chain poce say the suspect also punched the victim in the face before getting off at the lake merritt station to beat somebody with such a shoemaker preston says its crimes like these that keep her from regularly using bart. >>she thinks safety needs to become a bigger priority on the transit system is not enough police there's not enough trolls. >>and it's probably not enough information really for especially was rush hour police say this chain attack happened around 6 o'clock tuesday night. >>just after the victim got on the daily city-bound train at the fruitvale tation the
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suspect asked the victim for directions and then struck him as they were approaching lake merritt. and help curb safety issues board launched its new bassador program on monday, the uniform did an armed patrols are supposed to provide another layer of security for passengers i feel like it's much safer than before. despite tuesday's attack regular david chavez says he's noticed an increased presence of police and staff however, chavez is still seeing the occasional panhandler but overl feels better about the direction bar is headed and very until last year i think it's. well today barred police chief ed alvarez reported that crime is down 18% systemwide compared to this time last year. >>the chief also noting that cell phone thefts have dropped from 74 in january 2019 to 46 in january of this year, reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>well we now know the name and age of the driver who police say is responsible for
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yesterday's crash in san francisco's mission district 3 pedestrians were injured police say they arrested this man 62 year-old stephen kernan the san francisco. he was booked for running a red light and on 2 counts of not stop a for an accident that resulted in an injury. the crash happened at the corner of 23th and mission streets despite earlier concerns tonight, police say at this time they do not believe driving under the influence was a factor in the crash. now they are looking through surveillance video from nearby businesses as well as from the muni bus involved one pedestrian was treated at the scene 2 others though were in critical condition last night when this happened they had to undergo surgery. we do not have an update yet on how they're doing tonight. the 2 homicide suspects are now in custody tonight in san jose after one of them held the standoff with police for nearly 12 hours. >>police arrested marcus para hendry this morning and richard torres yesterday officers say both men resisted
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arrest and they had to use canines on both suspects. pero hendry police say barricaded himself inside of his home from around 3 yesterday afternoon until 3 o'clock this morning. police say the men are suspected of shooting and killing richard win at a clayton road and so curry drive area last month. santa clara shehiff's deputies arrested this man for felony vandalism and burglary. >>deputies say 22 year-old ozuna ramos cost $1300 in damage to a car and stole $3,000 worth of shoes from a home. investigators say they found him with burglary tools and narcotics. another spike tonight in the number of people infected with coronavirus in china, the chinesgovernment reports just over 5,000 new cases and 121 more deaths, the number of reported cases has been rising more quickly after china changed itmethod of counting yesterday. this video shows chinese medical teams heading
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to the hardest hit region in china. there are now nearly 64,000 cases in mainland china. close to 1400 people have now died. in the united states there are 15 confirmed cases of the coronavirus into his patient is is an evacuee from china kron four's graham lotus is here in studio with us w with more on this case and also a new warning from federal health officials to engage a scene and hand the 15th confirmed cases in texas. >>the patient was among a group of 8 evacuees from china who landed at a texas military base february second officials say the patient developed a fever that spiked on tuesday and last night wednesday that test came back positive for the coronavirus that person was placed in isolation at a san antonio hospital officials with the centers for disease control and prevention say they are continuing to monitor the evacuees quarantined at the base.
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>>there may be additional cases that we identify i do want to prepare you for that. they're still within the potential information period for coronavirus for people coming out of wuhan city and china. >>and this evening of the 15 cases in the us 8 of them are in california, including 2 in santa clara county. illinois reported 2 cases, a chicago couple was the first case of a human to human transmission in the u s there was also one case in texas one in massachusetts, one in washington state. one in arizona and one in washington tonight, the cdc is warning that people who do not know they are sick may be spreading the coronavirus as we speak the cdc doctor says many of the people who contract the disease never exhibit symptoms be on a slight. sore throat so it doesn't have to be bad. the
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doctor says the virus will eventually be transmitted through communities. justine and pam and they say that once it is something that starts get a foothold in the us that we'll probably be dealing with this for at least a year or so maybe more they're not sounding the alarms but it is a something that easily is transferred from human to human and we're seeing what's happening in mainland china. so they're just trying to get ready in the event that it does start spread and there's still so much they don't know about it that's the scariest i mean the flu kills far more people worldwide a and side to close every year we just don't know exactly how this new corona virus will behave has really fear of the unknown. all right. thank you grant. >>well business is slowing down for china towns across the country and there it's all because of coronavirus fears here in san francisco, it's no different now as we continue our coverage of chinatown
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stable golden gate fortune cookie factory says that businesses drop 70 to 80% since the outbreak well for sale of the psac ii talked with the owner today she joins us live now with more on how fear is affecting business. well golden gate, a fortune cookie factory has been around for decades and it's a place that typically sees. >>500 visitors a day well lately that's not the case they say in comparison the streets have been practically deserted the business owners say just isn't fair or right. >>we're 50 years never happened and that that get a stat that and never had a stab owner of going good fortune cookie factory kevin chan says business just hasn't been the same after fears of the coronavirus spread the famous fresh cookie factory nestled in san francisco's chinatown. >>usually sees lines out the door but now she is is is is is down 70 to 80% below money out 3 machine learning today only one machine
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>>i don't want to make more cookies is generally more does not involving goal here is and trash every day that's why so many to come when i don't want to cook you just stack korea and never go because i don't know what is going and so is this in bailey's couple months from now impacting the livelihood of these merchants chinese are much heart of because the move to the virus comes a sotheymight just dot do with the chinese have become less in fact it. is not fair and how some people treat the chinese community as a legitimate you know started in china sold. >>they thing all chinese people carry virus and which you know i don't thing we visitor sheila al says one of every scares aren't stopping her from shopping in chinatown notes, others will join her we nnot be fearful of anything fires i illness whatever we have to live life. >>and just go on 7 ago time
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very safe. on this edition. and support. >>i talked to several other businesses off camera they say that they are noticing and experiencing an unfair association between the coronavirus and the chinese community as a whole they want to remind people that san francisco's chinatown is safe to be in it safe to op and then there has been no cases of course reporting live in san francisco. tiller the sec, a cry for news taylor. thank you flight set out of sfo to mainland china will continue the department of transportation. >>has approved an adjusted flight plan it allows for travel between beijing and the united states but only on tuesdays thursdays fridays and sundays, the plan is in effect now through march, the 28th. and we're hearing tonight from the east bay woman who was stranded at sea christina
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kirby from alameda tweeted this picture today. >>because of coronavirus fears the cruise ship or she was on could not dock anywhere. she says she and hundreds of other passengers have now finally been allowed off the ship in cambodia. this is a picture for celebrating she is in good spirits. and can't wait to come home. we will have continuing coverage on the coronavirus outbreak ahead at 1045, we'll take you inside one american company that's developing a test kit for the virus. >>all right, let's take a live look outside looking out over san francisco. it's a beautiful picture, the fog though is beginning to roll in. lawrence karnow our chief meteorologist is here and his love in the air this evening you guys are talking about great i'm talking about red valentine's day we've got valentine's day tomorrow a lot of folks getting up there to enjoy and why you're going to see some cool temperatures to go along with that clouds early on in the morning. here's what's interesting. i think by tomorrow afternoon going to sneak in a little more sunshine a little cold
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front coming through i think that's going to be just enough to mix out the low clouds and fog still going to be cool. >>stay next a close to that a loved one as you can see temperatures in the 50's and the mid 60's in the warmest parts the bay area there the clouds that are rolling in filling into the bay right now along the coastline on the deck is high enough that's going to push into some of the interior valleys to so you're waking up to clouds tomorrow morning. and some cooler temperatures just like we had today in fact today, wow what a cool down from just a couple of days go member we had 70's and some 80's we're talking about even records around the bay area today. well those temperatures really crashed 53 degrees running well below the average in san francisco, 58 in oakland, 61 for a high in san jose 60 in livermore 61. in concord and santa rosa were 80 degrees only 56 degrees. s and kind of cool out there with the sea breeze and really that's what's caused it. the sea breeze kicked in right now 70 and that offshore wind may get cool when write off those ocean waters and of course that drops the temperatures
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down a good 16 degrees just in 24 hours in the north bay all around the bay area here of the high temperatures outside today only 60 degrees amount to 60 in redwood city so was a lot cooler today you are absolutely right these temperatures really coming down and that fog started camp across much of the bay now uses stretching into the bay and it's going to filter in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning at sea breeze, continues this evening back to all the way through san francisco you see right to the delta 13 now into fairfield but the past hour gusting over 20 miles per hour. so certainly seeing a nice see breeze. now sir is increasing low clouds and fog pushing well on shore tomorrow, partly cloudy. a lot of clouds early on in the morning then becoming sunny a little bit breezy in the afternoon along the coastline, increasing clouds a lot of part of saturday and then by saturday night into sunday, those clouds kind of move on through but not leaving much in the way of rain and then the winds start to pick up again by sunday afternoon. 51 degrees in san jose right now is a cool 49 get the clouds moving into livermore 49 in dublin, 50 degrees in san
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francisco, 47 and timber on and 48 degrees in the napa valley, here's your cold front moving in right now it's kind of falling apart as it's moving on through it's going to kind of just stayed away leaving behind a few high clouds and that's it. no rain drops and then high pressure starts to build in behind it that is going to make for some breezy winds along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon as valentine's day impacted valentine's day all day long if you didn't know that so you can celebrate from the morning to the noon tonight should be a little bit cool outside around the bay area but we'll check in a few minutes on the tenet and let you know if we expect to see any raindrops in the next 10 days coming up in a few minutes all right. thank you. the nortbay where santa rosa police are looking for a man reportedly seen with a firearm near school police say a community member called police. >>around 12 30 this afternoon about a man at the intersection of west avenue drive which is right near shepherd accelerated elementary school out of caution police asked the school to be placed on lockdown officers are still
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looking for a man described it to be about 40 years old wearing a faded red t shirt genes and a dark colored pair of boots the leo police are looking for this man wanted for burglary in the video is from monday. it shows them and kicking him out opened the front door of a home becomes bag goes inside that home and walks out carrying something from inside. >>police are asking if you recognize the suspect they would like you to give them a call and the late show san francisco mayor london breed is expressing concern about a state plan to try and fix homelessness she was among many leaders at a budget meeting today with other elected officials traditionally loca governments cities and counties are responsible for helpg people who are homeless but governor gavin newsome is proposing a million one time payment that would be distributed to regional directors who with decide how that monewould be used. mayor breed says a one time
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payment is not enough. >>ongoing funding is necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people on the streets in this ongoing funding will allow the cities and counties across the state to continue the program's 3rd round. governor newsome has also propose using bacon state properties to house people who are homeless and. >>using trailers that the state has in order to provide temporary shelter. he also created a strike team which will look for best practices and ways to help people out who are homeless. when proposition when voters in california passed proposition 66 in 2016. it was designed to speed up executions little did voters know that i'm the governor newsome would put a halt to death penalty executions during his tenure, but a lesser known provision in prop 66 is getting implemented this month. >>and it now has some victims families crying foul kron
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four's dan kerman reports. >>from 66 was designed to speed up ecutions. but it also had a provision to deal with complaints that it was very costly to house inmates at san quentin and the provision allowed death row inmates to be housed at other prisons in the state the purpose of the parisian was too. part of the cost of the death penalty and. >>take away one of the arguments that the other side was using about cost as a reason to abolish the penalty. >>beginning this month death row inmates will be able to request transfers to one of 8 facilities approved by the department of corrections if approved they can also apply to work and avail themselves of other rehab programs at the facility in sneak out victims themselves not to mention their families marc klaas whose daughter polly is killer is among those on death row opposes the transfer of death row inmates. now gift is being given. >>to the individuals and kill
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children to kill police to kill multiple individuals and that's the gift of being reintegrated into in general population in given the opportunity to participate in work programs in rehabilitation programs. and that makes no sense to me but scheegger points out the transfers will save money. >>and the real issue remains the moratorium on the death >>the main problem again is the governor's abuse of power. was as you issue says a reprieve power for something that was never intended for. >>prop 66 also increases the amount of restitution from 50 to 70% for death row inmates that means if they do end up working. victims families will receive additional money. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>now to national news and attorney general william barr is criticizing president trump for tweeting about department of justice cases barr told abc news that the president's
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public statements made it quote impossible for him to do his job i came in to serve as attorney general. i am responsible for everything that happens in the department. >>thing i'm most responsibility for the issues that are brought to maine, decision. i think those decisions based on what i think it's the right thing to do and i'm not going to be bullied or influence right, anybody and i said at the time whether it's congress newspaper editorial boards for the president commented do what i think it's right and and you know i think i cannot do my job here is to depart. we is constant. commentary that the >>this comes after a spat with justice department leaders over how long trump's former campaign adviser roger stone should go to prison. stone is convicted of 7 counts that include lying to congress and
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witness tampering on monday, the prosecutors recommended 7 to 9 years, the next day the president tweeted it was quote horrible and very unfair for stone stone is set to be sentenced next thursday. also vocal about president trump's tweets michael bloomberg, the democratic presidential candidate has been taking an increasingly. personal jabs at the president and he's been doing at rallies and also on twitter jeffs ellen e has more on the massive campaign fueling his climb and the controversies. bloomberg is facing along the way. >>i'm not afraid of donald trump a ninos that michael bloomberg is taking delight at suddenly being the center of attention in the democratic presidential race that's why kids tweeting about me, thank you donald keep sending it in a lot of it. and trying to win the nomination has it's never been done before. >>presidential candidates here and greensboro. they're spending all their time in south carolina. but i think
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the voters here in north carolina deserve just as much attention. >>the former new york city mayor didn't just happen to be in the neighborhood. breeze through north carolina today as early voting open for the primary on march 3rd. also known as super tuesday. when he finally plunges into a race is already reshaping the first true test of bloomberg's candidacy comes that day when voters in 14 states coast to coast weigh in. he spent nearly a $130 million on super tuesday ads. and million overall. trying to make the point is the strongest candidate to challenge president trump. no matter where you live in america. bloomberg is inescapable care at least on team that has allowed him to shape his own narrative until now. he suddenly on the defensive over the controversial stop and frisk policing policy in new york. after an audio clip of the 2015 speech came to light bloomberg argue one way to reduce violent was to throw
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minority kids up against the walls and frisk them i don't think those words reflect what to how i lead the most diverse city in the nation. >>apologized for the practice and the pain that it causes. >>in 3 stops across north carolina today, he did not address it and several voters we talked to who admire bloomberg say they wish he would've and believe he must really an issue to be resolved that then we can move on get my vote these before he jumped into the race last year bloomberg rejected his long embrace of the discriminatory stop and frisk policy i realize back then i was wrong. and i'm sorry. but he's rarely addressed it sense, hoping to move beyond throh series of high-profile endorsements from african american members of congress and big-city mayors. >>that was jeff felony reporting right now. bloomberg is trying to soften his image through an ad which features former president barack obama's praise for him during
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his time as new york mayor. the sister of this young woman stabbed and killed at an oakland bart station 2 years ago is speaking out fothe >>since the murder trial began how she is vowing to find justice for nia wilson plus safeway workers across the bay area may soon go on strike putting a snag in your grocery rhyme we hear from workers on what they are demanding and democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg is coming to the bay area we have a full look at his schedule and how much people are paying as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations,
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but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willinto shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>happening tomorrow democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg has scheduled 3 campaign stops in the bay area of the first event will be in san francisco at 8 o'clock in the morning and then mayor pete will make his way to palo alto for a lunch event that's at 1130 after that he'll stop in sacramento for an afternoon town hall that is at 4. we did take a look at ticket prices and saw what's available as of tonight if you want to meet mayor pete in san francisco. it will cost you $2800 for host level tickets. all the other levels are sold out the cheapest ticket was 54 box prices are the same in palo alto but all tickets for that event have already sold out, but you can still go see mayor pete in sacramento tickets are available at the investor
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level which is priced at $2800 and that the champion level tickets are priced at $1500 most of the imitation says that the exact location will be given out at the time that you rsvp. >>a neighbor's in southern california wake up to find a beat up car on their streets him amazing video led to this image and you'll never believe what happened to a boulder and what happened to the driver that story's coming up. plus a driver ves off a north bay highway and falls off a cliff we hear from a 16 year-old who saw it all happen and then jumped to the rescue. >>and we are in the heart of the rain season. so where's all the rain will ta
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specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>it was back on the witness stand today for john kao he is the man accused of murdering neil wilson and stabbing her sister at an oakland bart station. it was combative he was during the cross examination in fact it was behavior that ultimately got him kicked off of the witness stand by for us as the spoke to a key defense witness about what happened today in court. >>i'm here to get justice for my sister 62 >>the defense's key witness le teeple wilson is speaking to the media for the first time since the trial began against john kao for the 2018 stabbing
10:31 pm
death of her sister nia wilson at the macarthur bart station in oakland cal is facing a murder charge and an additional attempted murder that heat but wilsonat that same bart station the defendant briefly returned to the witness stand thursday to be cross examined by the prosecution that people wilson was in the courtroom and describes what happened when a project his feelings on >>the beat around us. it's no means no beating around the video is expanded tory the stark these young ladies and however wilson family friend be actors says cal's erratic behavior on the witness stand stop the video from mean played right before the moment neil was killed he continues to. >>answer questions and tell the whole to get caught and what he's and he acts like
10:32 pm
he's john kao eventuay erupted on the stand and was removed after using profanity while addressing the da reed told him that that. >>if you talk to him like that he said that >>size and manipulates after that episode john kao did not return to the witness stand for the afternoon session at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>the warning in millbrae tonight police say a man tried to lure a student who was walking to school it happened this morning a pub where avenue. not far from el camino real the high school student says a man driving an older model orange or brown sedan stopped right near him. the driver the motion for the student to walk towards the car. the student told police they started walking away, but did not know the driver then came back and they also didn't
10:33 pm
know the driver at all officers say there was no conversation or any other interaction and no crime was committed but police are now reminding people to be aware of their surroundings a similar situation in hillsborough police they're released this sketch of a man who they say approach to student near crocker school. they say at 7 45 monday morning, the suspect in a gray or silver 4 door sedan approached a student and asked him if he needed a ride. >>the student refused the suspect drove away. if you recognize the man in the sketch you are asked to call hillsborough police. credible rescue on highway one near fort ross in sonoma county, a man drove off a cliff 60 feet straight down. >>but lucky for him a 16 year-old driving right behind him saw what happened the kid actually pulled over and then called for helpkron four's michelle kingston talk to the teenager who some are now callina hero. the sun was shining to bright on wednesday
10:34 pm
orning for one man driving south on highway one near for ross coming around sharp curve on the road and man and a mini cooper swerve did fell down a 60 foot cliff. >>i freak out got 16 year-old feet hind him he pulled over and immediately without hesitation climb down through poison oak to the rescue i was to them how not call for hope. there's there's no other cars at the same time it happened david drives one hour to el molino high school here in forestville every day he says he just happened to be on highway one heading here at the right time on wednesday i proceed in a feel like a hero just feel like i was at the right place at the right time to help someone now and i hope others would've done the same with just a few cuts on his head and hand the estrada's says was driving to visit his children in the bay area s airlifted to a local hospital
10:35 pm
we spoke to him on ursday any tells us he is now resting at home and feeling very thankful in force until michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>plus at a check on the weather. has our forecast for valentine's day and did you know today is actually gallon times day you know you telling event delayed for friends, the lady friends you all get together today the day before and it's a gallon times to live about palin >>their purses all right going to get into that stuff. period tonight we've got the clouds that are sweeping back on shore filling into the bay. it's kind of a high cloud deck can see not that true fog sitting on the city of san francisco because of that. >>it is going to be able move well on shore years or long-range forecast you see this a cold front diving into other state kind of fall apart as it's moving in unfortunately, and then guess what high pressure gets ready to build in right behind it so here's the from right here sliding by it will move
10:36 pm
through now what's interesting. it's going to fall apart not going to leave us any rain but it's got some cold air on the backside of us will likely help the mix out the low clouds and the fog, the clouds need a warmer deck temperatures to really sustain themselves so i miss out some more sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. and then another cold front dives into the state as we get into sunday. now comes close but now look like you to get here we're going to dry things out again the winds likely to kick up behind that system again on sunday not as windy as last sunday but still breezy in spots and then a high pressure takes over look at the jet stream moving all the way up almost into alaska that means that ridge just going to be too strong to tuesday or so things break down a little bit later on lot of part of the week, but right now looks like we're keeping things very very dry. not only for the weekend but maybe all the way into next weekend to so here's your 10 attempt taking the holiday of course a lot of kids i have the whole week off next week they've got winter break in well, not feeling a whole lot like winter, but certainly some good weather to get out
10:37 pm
there and enjoy it will be dry through the weekend little breezy again on sunday dry on presidents day and looks likely to keep things dry right through the following saturday and sunday. thank you art. >>a car cash crash like you have likely never seen caught on video in southern california. it caught a car crashing into a roundabout at that one flying through the air slammed into another car and kron four's grant lotus is here in studio with us now with his wild video just seen a couple big problems number one speed mber not going around to the yeah, going to really bad fortunately though no major injuries happen in long beach early this morning. and you see what was left of this car pretty banged up police are calling it a micle that no one not even the driver was seriously injured, check it out car. happens really fast going about a 100 miles an hour. according to police crashes into that roundabout. right
10:38 pm
through it flies through the air slamming into another car about feet away the crash. also sent a boulder whizzing through the air the boulder was part of the roundabout in the boulder bounced off said nearby car. multiple angles of this crash it happened around 2 in the morning. one neighbor compared the noise to an explosion. >>everybody was in a sound sleep in this neighborhood and it was like a massive explosion. and all of a sudden when everybody's up and you can see that the boulders in the middle of the street. >>i think about how loud to say normal car accident isn't this was dramatic people jumped up and looked out the window soon as they heard it, and they say the woman who was driving that car. they say the woman got out like nothing really happened. she said no word on how that woman is doing tonight or what may have been going on in her head then that residential neighborhood just careening through there.
10:39 pm
this might be a clue. police say she may have been intoxicated at the time. pam just team back to you thank you graeme a strike is now moving at safeway which could impact some 15,000 workers. >>at stores across the bay area and the i 95% of the union membership voted to authorize a strike if they do not get higher pay and more work hours con force route that reports. >>and are paid on average from about 9.50 to $22 an hour dependingon seniority and what job they perform the for contract negotiations broke down the union rejected an offer of a $1.50 more per hour on average. >>bran pike is a meat cutter and says he and his co-workers have earned or raise more than a buck 50 hesays well they offered a buck 50 over 3 years and we're already 18 months out of the contract. so but 50's on enough lucky 2.25 for meat cutters and $2 for the
10:40 pm
check or so they don't they won't even match or competitors. the union says workers want and need more hours to it says some 80% of positions are part-time. >>and while that may suit students and other younger workers needs me more opportunities for full-time work. while the full time employees get 40 hos part-time employees are guaranteed only 24 hours so as you can tell. >>at a wage that isn't that decent you can survive on 24 hou a week. >>united food and commercial wkers local 5 represents some 15,000 workers across most of the bay area in a statement safeway which is owned by albertson said safeway remains committed to bargaining in good ith with thunion to reach an agreement that will provide a pension for their retirement while allowing our company to stay competitive. the statement did not address specific union demands about wages or hours in san
10:41 pm
francisco, safely clerks belong to a different union and will reportedly be voting on a new contract soon the time local 5 tells me that it is planng what it described as a series of escalating actions such as informational picketing beginning as soon as next week. >>in morgan hill rob fladeboe on 4 news. >>pg e is now the target of a new ad from presidential hopeful senator bernie sanders inthis new campaign vide sanders calls out pgd for repeatedly sparking deadly fires and uses it to argue for his vion of a green new deal. the ad shows sanders surveying homes as people criticize pgd including a woman who lives in paradise who says the utility only filed for bankruptcy to limit itspayments to wildfire vicms. sanders ad comes just a w weeks before the california democratic primary. >>an elementary school in richmond will no be named after a former first lady last
10:42 pm
night the hool district board members voted to rename woodrow wilson elementary to michelle obama elementary right now the school is operating out of a temporary caus in el serino while the main campus enrichment is being rebuilt. students will see the name change when they return to classes this fall, this will be the second elementary school in california to be named after mrs. obama an elementary school in panorama city is also named after her. >>a virus cases continues to climb a us company is working on a test kit for the virus. how it works and when it could become available in scores with the wires off a local college hoops take center stage mark has highlights tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
10:43 pm
is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me differt, is i've been working to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold this lawless president amaccotable.ple. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because theris nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people.
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10:45 pm
>>in our covere on the coronavirus outbreak, a company in utah is developing a test for the virus which could be used here in the united states code diagnostics is still working on fda approval, but it's already king orders for overseas clients. reporter kyle harvey visited the lab to learn how this test works. >>we can synthetically build a template. this is the same sequence as the centers for disease control and prevention has mapped the dna of the coronavirus for research purposes so that's what we used to are will the ke yes exactly and it's not infectious and it can't hurt
10:46 pm
anybody that is in stark is a lab analyst she walked me through the process. it begins by isolating the right material purify the nucleic acids forse with our test and site this is just prepping interior yes on a core team cruise ship like the one with the least 4 utah dockein japan. this would be a labor intensive process but here it's automated in the end the sample go through something called a 3rd most eye color the coronavirus is there. >>they're the 3rd most eye colors, heating coolin the technogy is able to find to the target virus and produce a fluorescent signal. >>that signal is then analyzed on a computer so all of this is is saying i've got coronavirus i've got assess the company believes is both efficient and inexpensive enough to help developing countries and accurate very cheap gas. >>in order to get diagnosed correly, it's half the battle to treating the disease feel good about what you're doing i lovet. >>that was kyle harvey reporting those test kits come with computer software th
10:47 pm
way it's possible too interpret the results right there on the site yeah stay with us here on kron four's be continue our coverage of the coronavirus we have the very latest information on our website kron 4 dot com. just look for the coronavirus tab under ws snapchat is rolling out a new feature to address cyber bullying and the feature called here for you works by populating self-help informati when users search certain topics like anxiety depression, suicide and bullying. it also connects users with meal health experts instagram pinterest and facebook all have tools to help try to manage online harassment t snapchat it's very popular among teenagers which is the age group that repor th most online bullying. >>online retailer wayfair is laying off 550 employees wayfair had beenboston's fastest growing tech company but the ceo now says it was actually going too fast. the
10:48 pm
ceo says the layoffs will lower costs and improve efficiency wayfair is t latest retailer to announce job cuts last week macy's said it will eliminate 2000 jobs and close 125 stores over the next 3 years. >>time now been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>college basketball center stays tonight. are covered ers here with that and a lot more baseball's also back baseball basketball in the nba's in the all-star break right now but college basketball season. that's in full swing here we go stanford faces a tough stretch with leading scorer oscar de silva out inefinitely after a nasty fall on saturday left him with a concussion in tonight jared hasson crew hosting arizona state let's go to the farm cardinal have lost 5 of thr last 6 duke legend bobby hurley in attendance, the cheese you a 3 the 35 seconds
10:49 pm
left the ball. remy martin tough drive to the hoop and the conversion to put the sun devils to 5 hurley's crews roland martin finished with 24 points. the most by stanford opponent this season, final score 7469 arizona state department host arizona saturday, callan the arizona wildcats at berkeley matt adley led cal with 19 just wasn't enough one oh 5 left in the game. nico mannn 1000 zeke 21 points for him cal fall, 60 age 52 arizona state at berkeley sunday sentences re going rapid fire caused golden is usf don trying to snap a 3 game losing strea visiting herb sendek her she was 18 when santa clara broncos santa clara jumped out to an early lead right did to nice catches sight of for $60.14 points for the big man to check this are giving us a little change our to crossover step-back 3, 8.17 points. >>all chipped in 1614 rebounds golden company get a key road
10:50 pm
win 70 to 61, don number a week from today santa clara host ellen >>some baseball giants and a's in arizona, but the big stor of the day is related to the story that took over the major league all season, the astros now apologizing for legal sign stealing during their now tainted 2017 championship season to follow from this story has been remarkable major league investigation found the stros created a complex systemthat allowed them to read their opponents pitching signals and not only their wold series year, but it's found to have happened the last 2 seasons a team open spring training in florida this morning start of the day apologizing for their actions. they said it will never happen again. this also brought some awkward exchanges as owner jim crane went back and forth on the sign stealing impact on games take a listen, you know our opinion is and you know that this didn't impact the game. >>we have a good team. >>we won the world series and we'll leave it at that.
10:51 pm
>>sign stealing is a distinct advantage for the header. so how is that doesn't affect competition, so then what are you gu apologizing for us. >>were apologizing because we broke the >>that isn't sign stealing a distinct advantage for the hitters who doesn't mean automatically impact competition. >>could possibly do that it could possibly some giants another day for the pitcherand catchers out in scottsdale for the first time in a decade. the team's rotation does not feature madison bumgarner who is now pitching with the diamondbacks so the early expectations, jeffs a mgin johnny cueto will be their top earners, missed most of last year recovering from tommy john surgery gabe kepler his early impressions ofhe veteran pitcher. >>livery. is commands. a quick
10:52 pm
pitch for us to pause at the top of his livery or just >>all right justine and pam baseball season is here full squad for the gnts and a's get to arizona on warmed up that's rightand get great you know it's going to continue got some clouds moving in tonight. >>what about fr obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: lemayor bloomberg and prident obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
10:53 pm
[car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] economicly powerfully influeed my values. bern sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, beayed by trump, struggling to survive.
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in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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>>up next in news continues on our 24 7 streaming service free alice out of money in a standing by in our newsroom with what we're working on at 11o out. a bay area man is one of millions of peoplwho was quarantined in chinright now coming up at 11 on kron on will have the complete interview with him. >>to learn more about what life is like under lockdown with the coronavirus at the epicenter and what he's trying to do to help other americans were coping with it all join me on kron on >>they get so and make sure to download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free. local news coverage valentine's day is extra sweet for this couple in arkansas gail and arvo ross they've been celebrating his special day with the same cholate box for more than 25 years. each valentine's day they go to the same chocolate box store and get a refill.
10:56 pm
>>so a pretty of and the some of the boxes that to you here you see that's just a but that will not was pretty alike to the end. she's now known to for all these years. >>the high school sweethearts have been married since 1957 they have 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 11. grandchildren and they obviously have a sweet tooth and large cell that's a valentine how much it cost to fill it up now compared to what 25 years ago. >>probably a lot that's a whole lot of for folks we've got the clouds that are rolling in right w fill in the bay going to push into the valleys a pretty high deck. it's outside right now and actually as a weak cold front entering the state you can see it right here. doppler has been tracking him enough and much in the way of rain drops force at all in fact the system just kind of fall apart as it moves on by so looks like it is going to head on through just behi some cooler air and that will be enough to start to mix things out tomorrow morning. we do start out with some patchfog that you already see that clear slot. all right on the
10:57 pm
back side, maybe a little bit of a northerly component to win 2. so that happens we'll start clout today's a little more sunshine comi our way tomorrow. but the temperatures not a real big change we're going to keep fairly cool and the clouds start to gather again late in the day on saturday and we've got another cold front that comes to our ports another dry one as we head into early sunday mornin temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow on valentine's day going to be in the 50's in the 60 looking your 1010. yeah there you go we've got some more clouds on the way for the weekend but no rain keeping a fairly dry. valentine's day looking like a ce one just a little cool outside enjoy temperatures in the 50's in the mid 60's tomorrow, valentine's day ghetto night everybody. te chane
10:58 pm
isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and
10:59 pm
clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tosteyer and i approve this message.
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